Sometimes you’ll come across a website that you want to bookmark. Well bookmark this one if you are involved in stage lighting or sound, because PHOSPHENE’s site includes lots of useful basic information… free.
Just above there are links to beginners’ information on stage lighting and stage sound and to our hire pages.

For all Lighting and Sound enquiries call 01449 678200
Alternatively the ‘Contact us’ button actually does that… no silly deciphering of the wiggly letters… It means we have to weed out the pointless junk mail, (who are these idiots who spam us?) but you can get straight through to us with any stage technical question you may have, secure in the knowledge that we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (that’s almost invariably within 48 hours, unless we are out on site somewhere running someone’s show). Make sure you use a sensible subject on your email… makes it easier for us to spot the ‘bots’.
We’ve done work in some of the biggest, and some of the smallest, venues in the country.

Now booking to the end of 2017

Supplying the technical requirements of live performance entertainment.
We’re not just about hiring and selling you things (though we like to!)
Use the ‘contact us’ button to ask any stage technical questions or check on hire equipment availability, and get a completely FREE and quick response from real theatre professionals. (For basic instructional information, go to the “beginners’ guides” (click on the words above) and follow the links to the topic you require). Phosphene’s owner, Cliff Dix, has been involved in training theatre technicians for both the amateur and professional stage since 1974. (Are you a former trainee? Get in touch, and Look for Cliff ‘s autobiographical book “Up the Fire Escape and Through the Kitchens” and the new fiction book (guess what, it’s set in a theatre!) “And Burnt The Topless Towers” both available on-line, or from the publishers, .

If you’re involved in a show you should be booking your stage lighting and sound requirements right now. Talk to us as soon as you possibly can, because we get booked up many months in advance, and we don’t want to disappoint you!
You really need to be thinking about your hire requirements for outdoor PA for the Autumn and Winter of 2017, especially if you want a manned and attended service.
Don’t miss out for your show.

If you are considering installing new equipment in your venue, call us to arrange a free, no obligation, advisory, site visit within the mid-Suffolk area.

We hire lanterns, dimmer racks, desks, effects & accessories, small PAs, radio mics etc. Stage lighting from a simple, single rack, analogue controlled package of 500W fresnels, (complete with stands, colour-frames and barndoors) from just £60.00 per week, or very popular small gig packages of Par 56 cans and a controller from £40.00, to a full rig. Plus pyrotechnics and all the usual effects, including, smoke machines etc. Stage sound for the small venue, with really competitive radio mic hire. (Just £33.60 per system per week) And you’ll be delighted to know that if you look around this site you can actually find out the hire prices! (Unlike some sites)
We specialise in supplying small halls, and non-equipped venues, (as well as the professional user). And, during the summer, outdoor PA sound systems for fetes, carnivals, air shows etc. with fully manned systems also available. We don’t do bleeding ear-drum sound.

Our postal address is: Phosphene, 25 Church Walk, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 1ET

Tel: (for Stage Lighting and Sound), 01449 678200